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The Company's History

Websites for Patriots is a private label of the Best Way Websites website generator and CMS (Content Management System).

Best Way Websites began way back in 1998.  Early trade names were BizMaxUSA!, New Millennium Technologies and PROSBO.  When the company first began, we were providing website hosting - back when the only tools available for developing websites was Frontpage by Vermeer Technologies (1995), later acquired by Microsoft and Macromedia Dreamweaver (1997), which was later acquired and marketed by Adobe.

We did most of our development by hand-coding in those days, just using Notepad and also assisted clients that wanted to maintain their sites using either Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

Loads of Experience

Loads of Experience

We're not your average "Johnny Come Lately" website development company.  We've been providing website development and internet marketing services since 1998 and stay current.
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Our Caring Team

We've got a great team. That's why we win! Let's work together. We will care about you and we will help you take care of business on the world wide web. We want to be a part of your team, too!
Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Best Way Websites technology integrates our World Class Website Generator and Content Management System with Business Class Hosting Solutions and Old School Customer Support.

If you would like to learn more about our Best Way Website Services private label brand, please tap on one of the links below.

Private Label Name Website Services

Port Angeles Website Services - "The First Pajezy (Best Way Websites) Licensee"

Pajezy was the name we originally used when we released Version 1.0 of website builder and content management system back in 2004.

The program was working well for us, but the brand was not, so after a few years of use and then over a year of deliberation, we settled on the name Best Way Websites.

The pajezy (Best Way Websites) website development and content management system was developed in Port Angeles, and this website represents the first license.  The program was beta-tested in Port Angeles.

Port Angeles Website Services is an authorized (corporate sub-agent) licensee of the website design software and website content management system (CMS).

This website is one of the company's marketing wings for the pajezy private label program.

Pajezy does not sell services directly to small business owners, but only through authorized licensees.  This benefits you as a small business owner because you will receive the power of pajezy with local service.

So, we will be working with you in conjunction with an existing licensee when one is available in your area, or we will first create a license and then distribute your website via that license.  By doing this, we can still service your account while we search for a buyer of your local license.

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