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Websites for Patriots is a service of Melting Pot Patriots (headquartered in San Lorenzo, California).  We love America and take a100% pro life and traditional family values position.  We want to see our nation thrive under God and the people of America to enjoy their God-given liberty, which our government is supposed to protect.

Loads of Experience

Loads of Experience

We're not your average "Johnny Come Lately" website development company.  We've been providing website development and internet marketing services since 1998 and stay current.
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Our Caring Team

We've got a great team. That's why we win! Let's work together. We will care about you and we will help you take care of business on the world wide web. We want to be a part of your team, too!
Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Best Way Websites technology integrates our World Class Website Generator and Content Management System with Business Class Hosting and Old School Customer Support.

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